Att 300 IST Table

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One Year Parts Warranty on all Motors & Switchs




The ATT-300 is the most popular intersegmental traction table available today! With unmatched dependability, precision engineering and high quality, the ATT-300 is the traction table of choice worldwide!

The ATT-300 is specially designed for intersegmental traction, spinal mobilization and back massage. Under its thick, padded lounge top, three large aluminum rotating rollers travel back and forth, kneading the muscles in the neck, shoulders and low back. Quality construction assures you of years of trouble-free service!


30 Minute Timer with Bell notification on treatment end


Travel Direction Switch =  Forward/Off/ Reverse


Roller Direction Switch = Clockwise/Off Counter Clockwise


Rolller Elevation = Spring loaded to Off/ Up/Down

Vibration  on / off


Dimensions &  Att 300  Table Weight


Att300 Intersegmental traction table Standard Features

 Clockwise & counter-clockwise rotation

 Travel indicator

Automatic lowering device

Adjustable massage pressure


 LED roller height indicator

30-minute timer