Dynatronics Decompression Package--DX-2 Head

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Dynatronics Decompression Package


In addition to delivering Decompression Therapy, the Dynatron DX2™ features 3-channels of Light Therapy, setting the new standard for Decompression Systems. Light and decompression treatments can take place simultaneously.


Interactive Touch Screen: Features a touch screen interactive display making treatment set-ups fast and easy including access to an Angle Reference Chart of typical treatment angles.


Targeted Decompression: Automatically calculates and digitally displays the rope angle allowing for Targeted Decompression


also includes Saunders Cervical Device

Belts, and Knee Bolsters


Dynatron T4, 



The Dynatron T4 table represents a quantum leap ahead in features. Traction, therapy, and so much more. One table that does it all.


 The Dynatron T4 is the first combination traction /3-section table in the industry. Combining all the features of the standard 3-section table with the DX2™ Traction Unit, the Dynatron T4 becomes the most innovative and complete traction package available. Range 17 in (h) - 39 in (h) with a lifting capacity of 500 lbs. Dimensions: 81 in (l) x 28 in (w) x 105 in (h).