Used Zenith Cox 100 Flexion Table with AAD

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Used Zenith Cox 100 Flexion Elevation Table  

Used Zenith Cox 100 Table
Elevation Base
Cervical & Lumbar  Manual Flexion
Includes Optional:
 Electric AAD 
Electric Flexion Tension Control
Fold Down assist handle with AAD controls
Hand and Foot Elevation Controls
Foot and Hand Auto Axial Distraction  controls
Table Upholstery Navy Vinyl

This Used Cox Table is a superior instrument for low back care, complements a wide range of adjusting procedures. The Used Cox Table Flexion Distraction tables include state-of-the-art features which have been developed through extensive academic and federally funded research at Palmer College, National College and Loyola University. There is no other flexion/distraction table, anywhere in the world, that can make this Cox Table claim. Cox Table is simply the best.




Cox Table Features

  • Used Cox Table Tilting Headpiece
  • Cox TablePatented Flexion/Distraction Headpiece with Cervical Flexion, Extension, Lateral Flexion and Pivotal Rotation
  • Cox Table Face Paper Toweling and Dispenser
  • Cox Table Optional Pivotal Thoracic section locks in any position
  • Cox Table Caudal Flexion/distraction with leaf spring design w/ tension indicator
  • Cox Table Lateral Flexion locks in any position
  • Cox Table Optional Axial Rotation locks in any position ( not available w/ drop option)
  • Cox Table Circumduction combines lateral and vertical flexion
  • Cox Table Plane traction easily adjusts table length
  • Cox Table Adjustable Ankle Rest w/ ankle cuffs
  • Used Cox Table Dual Control Levers for operation from either side
  • Used Cox Table  Length 79.5 min to 89.5 max
  • Used Cox Table Table Height 22 min. to 32 max
  • Used Cox Table Cushion Width 21
  • Used Cox Table Table Weight 400lbs. depending on options
  • Used Cox Table Safety features include: on/off key to prevent unauthorized operation, recessed dual fingertip controls, electrical circuit breaker, and Auto-Stop.
  • FAH- Fold Away Assist handle