Zenith 440S with Tuckaway Footboard

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Used Zenith II 440s Hylo Table with Tuckaway Footboard


Includes Air Cervical,Dorsal,Lumbar & Pelvic Drop and Tuckaway footboard
The Used Zenith II 440 S Hylo Table is designed to fit your patients and your treatment needs. Anatomically correct cushions adjust to support patient comfortably for relaxation and better results. You will feel the difference, and your patients will request the Zenith Hylo for their next treatment. The reputation of this Used Zenith II 440 S Hylo Table as a chiropractic work horse is legendary. The Zenith II 440S Hylo Tables used by some of the busiest, most dedicated chiropractors’ throughout the world. The Used Zenith II 440 Hylo Table was designed with both Chiropractor and patient in mind. With unparalleled stability, an indestructible cast iron base, full steel construction, supple, durable upholsteries unmatched longevity and resale, the Used Zenith II 440S Hylo Table will stand up to any test... 

This Used Zenith II 440 S Hylo Table comes with Tilting and Elevating Cervical,Manual Forward Motion Cervical,Dorsal,Lumbar & Pelvic Thompson Drops,Elevating Pelvic & Ankle.This Zenith II 440S Hylo Table UP/Down/ Stop switchs at the head of the table, as well as Dual Foot Pedals to Raise and lower the Used Zenith II 440S Hylo Table.The Used Zenith II 440S Hylo Table has a Fully inclosed motor cover, Updated Roller Bearing Rocker arms. This Used Zenith II 440S Hylo Table includes the optionL Tuckaway Footboard 


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  • Tilt Headpiece
  • Face Paper Toweling and Dispenser
  • Slide & Crank Pelvic
  • Adjustable Front Section 
  • Adjustable Ankle Rest Cushion
  • Heritage Upholstery Charcoal
  • Table Length 74
  • Table Height 20, 22, 24, or 26"
  • Table Base Width 24
  •                                                     Cushion Width 19
  • Air Touch Strips to activate Drops
  • Requires a Compressor


Used Zenith 440S Hylo Table Weight 550 Lbs

Dimensions 24inches Wide x 20 inches Tall x 74 inches Length